With more than twenty years experience in the fashion industry, Ricardo Mario is passionate about the pursuit of beauty in art and life. Ricardo’s photography distills years of experience with major fashion brands and the world’s best art directors with a strong eye for visual narrative. Beyond style, his portraits reveal a powerful substance in a signature approach that borders on art photography. For marketing campaigns, Ricardo’s fresh and stylish perspective activates a brand or product.

A native of San Antonio and an accomplished clothing designer, Ricardo studied fashion design at Pratt Institute until a flourishing makeup career made Europe’s fashion capitals a more convenient home-base. The opportunity to help launch a training department at M.A.C. Cosmetics brought him back to New York, where he went on to work with Versace Makeup as Director of Training and National Makeup Artist. Along the way, Ricardo worked with the world’s most famous photographers and the industry’s best creative art directors, combining his extensive fashion experience with photography and art direction. Work with major fashion and retail brands as diverse as Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, JC Penney and Versace has helped Ricardo refine an eye for the most forthright elegance, no matter the brand, editorial strategy or subject.

Today, Ricardo’s portraits and editorial photos regularly appear in publications and for comprehensive beauty campaigns for companies including Julian Gold, Niche Clothing, Jill Reno Collections, Nanette Lapor, Paesanos 1604, Trinity University, Preferred Hotels and portraits for Eric Jennings (VP/Fashion Director men’s at s5a, NYC).

Ricardo returned home to San Antonio to help care for his elderly mother, who is the original inspiration for his lifelong quest for grace and glamour. Between the American dream and Mexican romanticism, melding haute couture and DIY punk aesthetic, fusing art and fashion, Ricardo Mario’s images beautifully reflect his years of industry experience, a worldview cultivated by a global career and an enduring pursuit of beauty.